Welcome to Smokers ETC.

Started by Ralph Kahook in 1997, Smokers Etc. is a place where you can come relax and enjoy one of our many cigar brands. Come sit in our lounge and enjoy watching the game on one of our 3 big screen televisions. Meet your friends, or get some work done using our free WiFi. We offer over 200 different cigar brands, all located in our large walk in humidor. We also carry a variety of cigar accessories for your needs.


The word cigar originated from "sikar," the Mayan-Indian word for smoking, which became 'cigarro' in Spanish, probably from Maya 'sicar' "to smoke rolled tobacco leaves," from 'sic' "tobacco;" or from or influenced by the Spanish word cigarra "grasshopper". Although the word itself, and variations on it, did not come into general use until 1730.

Come see us at our new location!

4216 Allen Rd.
Stow, OH 44224
Next Door to BP Gas Station.