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Believe it or not, many people think that brick and mortar stores don’t offer much value. They are under the impression that buying cigars online is a significantly better option. While there may be some advantages to online cigar shopping, brick and mortar stores still have plenty to offer.

In this article, we will compare buying cigars online to getting them from brick and mortar stores.

Cigar lovers will agree that there is nothing better than smelling the aroma of premium quality cigars.  The moment you open the door of a cigar shop you can experience the rich, woody, and leathery scent of high-quality tobacco and let it surround you. This is an experience that you can only get at a brick and mortar store.

Buying Cigars Online Vs Brick and Mortar Stores

Since purchasing a cigar itself is an adventure, you shouldn’t miss it out. Many people would argue that online stores have a wider selection of products. However, that’s not always true. If you live in Stow, Ohio, you can visit a physical store and actually see their cigars in person before deciding. 

Buying cigars online can be a bit more complicated. Cigars are not always perfect right out of the box. Some might have a crack, or a dent, or some other blemish that you won’t be able to check on when buying online. In the store, you can see every cigar and make sure that whichever smoke you choose, is the right one for you.

The experience of visiting a cigar shop is irreplaceable. Some aficionados even consider it a magical and religious experience. The moment you step into a retail store, the sight and aroma of the premium cigars is mesmerizing. 

Think of it like visiting the bakery and checking the bread yourself before purchasing. There are excellent advantages to physically visiting brick and mortar cigar shops. Even if you want to get a gift for your loved one, the experience of visiting a cigar shop would be memorable. Here are some benefits of purchasing cigars from a retail store in Stow, Ohio.


Online stores often sell cigars at high prices and there are many reasons for that. Since these stores ship cigars to your home, you have to pay delivery charges. For some people eCommerce stores are convenient, but things are different when it comes to purchasing cigars from brick and mortar stores.

Variety of Choice

Brick and mortar stores have a wide range of options. Also, many stores have warehouses attached to their physical stores. That way, they can satisfy their customers with different brands and flavors. The more brands a cigar shop contains, the more customers it can engage. 

On the other hand, some online stores have limited stock. Sometimes they have a few quantities for each product, to try and leave room for other products. So, if you want some real variety to choose from, you should consider visiting a brick-and-mortar store.

Customer Service

From the time you enter the cigar store till you purchase a cigar, an expert will be available to assist you in person, something that isn’t possible in the online buying experience. These experts will educate you about their product line and help you decide which cigar is right for you.

A retail store is a perfect place for novice smokers and for those looking to buy cigars as a gift. A cigar specialist will explain everything you need to know to buy a cigar. You may even walk out of the shop somewhat of an expert yourself.


Cigar shop owners ensure that their clients have the best time in their shop. They create an organized, clean, and welcoming environment in the store. When you walk into your local brick and mortar store, it should feel just like going into a friend’s house. Shops strive to provide a personal touch that cannot be found online.

No Waiting

Another benefit of purchasing from brick and mortar stores is that you can take the cigar home the same day you buy it. The best part of that is the fact that you can take your cigars out of the shop’s humidor and have them in your own humidor in no time at all. When buying online, not only are you waiting longer to get your cigars, but they are stuck in a box, without ideal humidity, and completely exposed to different temperature changes. So by the time you get them home, you will probably have to let the cigars rest in your humidor for a few days more before you can smoke them.

There are other hassles of purchasing online, such as lost or damaged packages. Sure, a reliable online store will offer you a replacement product if that happens but the process can be lengthy. A research conducted by Retail Dive found that 49% of customers choose brick and mortar stores because they can take the product home with them. They can complete the transaction with one swipe of a credit card and enjoy their cigar right away. 

Brick and Mortars are More Than Cigar Stores

In brick and mortar stores,  you can discuss your preferences with well-trained tobacconists to make well-informed decisions. Plus There are numerous benefits of supporting local cigar shops in Stow, Ohio.

You can interact with other cigar enthusiasts and employees to learn new things about different cigars such as aroma, taste, quality and much more. Or, just sit and chat and have a good time socializing with your local community.

Furthermore, supporting your local store helps grow their business. Many cigar stores also sell alcohol or coffee and you can purchase these products to show your support and loyalty, and take a load off with a nice drink at the end of the day.

Local cigar shops often provide personalized experiences, ensuring your visit is worth it. The employees at these brick and mortar stores will help you decide the best blend depending on your taste. This does not mean in any way that buying cigars online is not a wise choice. However, going to a brick and mortar cigar shop offers a unique experience that simply cannot be replicated by online shopping.

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