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Premium cigars widely differ in many features such as texture, age, and brand. Taste is another component to consider when purchasing premium cigars in Stow, Ohio. Manufacturers blend different flavors such as sweet or spicy. They add hints of leather, wood, cedar, ground coffee, herbs, or even chocolate in the background.

All the main features, especially taste, depend on the filler and the wrapper. The wrapper also gives a texture and appearance to cigars and determines the quality and price. Cigar enthusiasts focus on three major components when choosing a cigar. Let’s go ahead and see what to look for in a premium quality cigar.

Main Components of Premium Cigars

The Filler

The filler is the center-filled tobacco of a cigar and contains most of the flavor. Cigar shops in Stow, Ohio have a wide range of premium quality cigars with different tobacco leaves in the filler. Manufacturers create an incredible blend of flavors using various kinds of tobacco leaves. Besides taste, enthusiasts can also determine cigar quality by checking the filler.

Short Filler

As the name suggests, these fillers contain small pieces or shreds of tobacco. Cigars with short filler are hard to roll by hand. Therefore, cigar manufacturing companies use machines for perfect rolls. You can find hand-rolled cigars with short fillers from cigar shops in Stow, Ohio. However, these cigars create a harsh and burnt taste because of air pockets left in the cigar. These spaces burn hotter and faster due to trimmed and small tobacco pieces.

Long Filler

Premium cigars in Stow, Ohio have long-fillers and consist of whole tobacco leaves. Since, cigar-smoking is a tradition in many places, people don’t compromise while choosing the fillers. They choose cigars with long-fillers because it burns longer, creating a spectrum of flavors. This allows them to enjoy every part of the cigar.

Mixed Filler

Mixed fillers or Cuban sandwiches are popular premium cigars in Stow, Ohio. These cigars have mixed filler with shredded and whole leaf tobacco. Since these fillers burn slowly, people enjoy every taste in detail. However, these cigars are less expensive than long-filler because they contain fewer whole leaves.

The Binder

The second important component of a cigar’s quality is the binder. This is a tobacco leaf that keeps the filler together. This cigar’s section is made from repurposed wrapper leaves. It plays a significant role in cigar structure. Besides structure, many brands use this leaf to enhance its strength and flavor. Many cigar shops in Stow, Ohio sell cigars with high quality binder.

The Wrapper

The wrapper is the outermost layer and has a texture that smokers find very attractive. Premium cigars in Stow, Ohio have great-tasting wrappers. Since this is the section a smoker holds in their mouth, it should have some flavor. Premium cigar brands use extra costs and care to maintain the quality of this portion. What’s more, premium cigars have a smooth and oily texture with minimal veins. 

Cap and Foot

To smoke a cigar, a smoker should properly cut off the cap and toast the foot to get the flame going. The foot contains a line indicator to help enthusiasts identify the right position to cut off. A perfect cut keeps tobacco in position. For an even burn, a smoker should burn the entire foot.


Cigar enthusiasts understand the importance of choosing premium quality cigars. Therefore, they closely evaluate the tobacco and cigar construction methods to select the finest option. Gently rolling the cigars between two fingers helps identify the soft spots or lumps. A high-quality cigar should have even filling without any oddities in texture.

Now check the wrapping and make sure that it is smooth, tight, and free of damages. The wrapper may have a small color variation, but if the color is extreme in various spots, this indicates that the quality of leaves is poor. It is also worth noting that premium cigars have an even and smooth draw when smoking.


Manufacturers use tobacco from different countries to ensure the quality of their products is high. Location plays a significant role in the flavor because of varying climate and soil types. Many enthusiasts choose cigars depending on the origin of tobacco.

It’s not just where the tobacco is grown either, but also if it’s raised in sun or shade, how it’s aged and if it’s infused. These are all aspects that impact the flavor. 

Personal Preference

Cigar smoking is a personal experience and every enthusiast chooses brands according to their taste. For first-timers, choosing the perfect cigar is a challenge. They have to try different cigars and experiment until they find the best one. Nobody knows what type of cigars suits them the most until they try it themselves. With so many options available, you can choose between earthy, spicy, tangy orange or chocolaty.

Have a One-of-a-Kind Cigar Experience

The filler isn’t the only component that creates blends of flavors. Other layers also help create the notes. Manufacturers choose different leaves for different layers to create different flavors or recipes. 

Since you know how each component of a cigar determines the quality and taste, you can make a well informed decision. For the best experience, keep a cigar tasting register to write the notes of flavors you experience as you enjoy your premium cigars. This technique helps you identify the best cigars according to your taste and budget.

If you find it hard to choose the finest quality cigar, consult with our professional and friendly staff. Smokers ETC offers wide-ranging premium cigars in Stow, Ohio. We also help new smokers identify their personal preferences and choose a good cigar. So contact us now at 330-945-4531 and make an informed decision with the help of our experts.