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Perdomo cigars are beloved by fans worldwide due to the Perdomo family’s commitment to spare no expense creating affordable, crowd-pleasing cigars. The brand’s success is further driven by an environment-friendly business philosophy set forth by founder Nick Perdomo, Jr. in what has become known as the Perdomo Way. A brief look at the brand’s history, production methods, and top offerings will help raise appreciation of the Perdomo cigar smoking experience to another level.

History of Perdomo Cigars

Fueled by a love of cigars and tales of the days his father and grandfather spent working in Cuban cigar factories, Nick Perdomo, Jr. was looking beyond his career as an air traffic controller with the dream of starting his own cigar company. Finally, the 26-year-old Navy veteran’s dream came true in 1992. 

The new venture, known simply as Nick’s Cigars, started in his Miami home’s garage. After months of pulling double duty promoting cigars and guiding planes safely through Miami airspace, Nick’s Cigars developed an intensely loyal and ever-growing fanbase. Within just ten years of launching Nick’s Cigars, Perdomo produced 10 million cigars annually. The world of premium cigars had become Perdomo’s world and firmly placed him amongst the industry’s most influential cigarmakers.

Perdomo cigars were a bonafide hit thanks to Nick Perdomo’s use of Nicaraguan tobaccos and Ecuadorian wrappers, which supplied fuller-bodied cigars than was typical of the time. By showcasing these richer smokes and box-pressed cigars, both bucking trends of the time, Perdomo proved an innovator that would influence the cigar boom that was to come later in the 1990s.

As Perdomo’s cigar business grew, so did the need for larger and larger cigar factories. As a result, the factory moved to different locations in Miami and the once legendary cigar hub of Tampa’s Ybor City neighborhood before Perdomo went all in and moved production to Esteli, Nicaragua, in 1995. It was here Nick Perdomo went full tilt in his role as one of the earliest and most vocal champions of Nicaraguan tobacco, helping ignite the immense popularity of today’s Nicaraguan cigars.

Shedding the Nick’s Cigars name for the current Tabacalera Perdomo, Nick Perdomo’s company is a sprawling operation with thousands of employees, robust supply chain distribution, and a massive over 70,000 square foot factory in Esteli. Today, Nick Perdomo and his family lead the Tabacalera Perdomo empire with the same passion and foresight as working out of their garage in those early days.

Crafting Cigars the Perdomo Way

Most cigarmakers will tell you that a cigar passes through two or three hundred pairs of hands from seed to cigar shop. However, Perdomo proudly states Perdomo cigars go through a meticulous 3,054 steps before heading to your favorite cigar store. It’s no easy task, but every step is accounted for, from seed and harvest to aging, rolling, and packaging. 

This vertical integration program ensures the highest quality standards are kept throughout the cigarmaking process while also decreasing erosion, carbon emissions and other negative effects on the environment. Other highlights of this “Perdomo Way” of tobacco cultivation and cigar making include:

  • Soil analysis ensures seeds are planted in the best area to deliver the optimal character.
  • Water filtration to ensure each plant receives high-quality nutrients.
  • Drip irrigation system to conserve natural water sources. 
  • Traditional oxen and plow provide the best soil conditions for growing healthy tobacco leaves.
  • Wrappers are slowly turned on a custom-built wheel for consistent humidification.
  • Subjecting each cigar to 17 quality control steps to ensure proper size, look, feel, and draw.
  • Conservation policy requires planting at least three cedar trees for every tree harvested to make cigar boxes.

This added diligence makes for expertly crafted cigars of deeply textured character that you can count on to deliver a unique experience that could only come by way of the Perdomo Way.

Where Can I Find Perdomo Cigars Near Me?

Perdomo cigars are available at select cigar shops worldwide, making them a reliable choice to look for when your travels take you near and far. For those in Northeastern Ohio asking, “Where are Perdomo cigars near me?” Smokers Etc. proudly stocks a broad collection of Perdomo’s best creations with a knowledgeable staff ready to steer you towards the Perdomo cigar best suited to your tastes.

Top Perdomo Picks

The Perdomo line-up features a wide variety of popular blends, from mellow and creamy to bold and spicy, and everywhere in between. Whether budget-friendly or more luxurious, there is a Perdomo cigar for every taste. A few of the top Perdomo picks include:

Perdomo Habano Barrel Aged

Six-year-old Cuban-seed tobaccos from Nicaragua are at the heart of these savory smokes, with three different barrel-aged wrapper options. All wrappers are aged 6 years, with an Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf barrel aged 8 months, a Nicaraguan Sun Grown barrel aged 10 months, and a Nicaraguan Maduro barrel aged 14 months. The Perdomo Habano Barrel Aged is a great landing spot for bourbon and cigar pairing options.

Perdomo Champagne 10th Anniversary 

A favorite for those in search of a mellow yet flavorful smoke, the Perdomo Champagne 10th Anniversary features a complex blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos topped by a golden Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper leaf. Delicious any time of the day.

Perdomo 20th Anniversary

Thick, high priming Nicaraguan tobaccos highlight these award-winning smokes, available in an 8-month barrel-aged Ecuadorian Connecticut, a 10-month barrel-aged Nicaraguan Habano, and a 14-month barrel-aged Nicaraguan Maduro leaf. Richly flavorful and beautifully balanced.

Perdomo Factory Tour Blend

Originally offered as an exclusive cigar for visitors to Perdomo’s Esteli cigar factory, the Perdomo Factory Tour Blend is now for all to enjoy. Available in Ecuadorian Connecticut, Nicaraguan Habano, and Nicaraguan Maduro wrappers, each highlighting a different blend of tobaccos from Nicaragua’s Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa growing regions.

Taste the Perdomo Difference

Each cigar in Tabacalera Perdomo’s full spectrum of highly rated cigars is made with Nick Perdomo’s passion and innovative spirit, making Perdomo cigars some of the most delicious and dependable smokes out there. So come on into Smoker’s Etc. today and we’ll guide you through our collection of cigars made the Perdomo Way!