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Cigar smokers are a rare breed. Every person is as different as the premium cigars they smoke, but every cigar smoker from first-timer to the most experienced needs to have the right tools for the job. 

You can’t just pick up and smoke a cigar. There’s an entire experience involving cutting and lighting that separates it from other types of smoking. There are many accessories out there, so Smokers Etc. thought we would provide you with a primer, so you can choose the best for your needs.

When you find the one you like, come on over and we’ll have it in stock for you. 

Cutting a Cigar

A cigar is made up of several parts. The part you light and smoke is called the tuck and the end you cut is called the cap. The tuck is usually open and ready for smoking, but the cap needs to be cut.

A cigar can have more than one cap but cutting a cap too short leads to a hard draw and over cutting leads to the wrapper unraveling and filler spilling into your mouth. That ruins a perfectly good smoking experience.

Think of it this way, you can always cut a little more of a short cap, but once you go over, there is no saving it.

Types of Cutters

The cutter is an instrument used to cut the end of the cap. This lets you take a draw from the cigar. There are three basic types of cutters: straight, V-cut, and punch.

Straight Cutter

You can have a single or double-bladed straight cutter. As the name implies, you place the cap into the hole and make a single, strong slice to cut off the end. It cuts in a straight line, but if you want an angled cut, then hold the cutter at the angle you want.


The V-cut cuts the cigar cap at an angle, which changes up the airflow. Many people enjoy the v-cut, but it’s not as common as the straight cutter. 

Punch Cutter

If you don’t want to cut the end off the cigar, you can use a punch cutter. This punches a hole in the cap to allow airflow. You just need to take out the plug and smoke. If you don’t punch deep enough, it leads to a hard draw. 

Lighting a Cigar

Lighting a cigar takes a little getting used to. A cigar isn’t like a cigarette that just needs to be lit. If you touch the flame to the end of the cigar, it burns and gives off a bad odor and makes it burn unevenly. 

Instead, take the cigar and hold it near the flame, and slowly rotate it. The goal is to have the entire tuck of the cigar lit evenly. How easy this is often depends on the type of lighter you use.

Cigar Lighters

There are several types of lighters you can use to light your cigar, but the most preferred is the torch lighter. We’ll look at the most common lighting methods and their pros and cons.


You’ll find a few purists who enjoy lighting their cigars with matches. The biggest drawback is the chemicals in the matchhead may alter the flavor of the cigar. If you do use a match, use a wooden one and let the matchhead burn-off. A match flame also is not very hot, so it takes longer to light the end of your cigar.

Standard Lighter

These are the lighters you see at most gas stations and create a flame like a match. They burn a little hotter, but it still takes a while to properly light the cigar. If you use a cheap lighter, the top heats up and burns your fingers. 

Torch Lighter

Most cigar enthusiasts prefer a torch lighter because it has a hot flame that burns evenly. It lights the cigar faster and reduces the chance of an uneven burn. 

No matter what type of lighter you use, we have what you need at Smoker’s Etc. 


If you want to store cigars at your home, then you need to have a humidor. Cigars are made in tropical locales and if they aren’t stored properly, they dry out. Humidors maintain a constant temperature and humidity. While most humidors work the same, there are different types based on the number of cigars you want to store.

Travel Humidors

If you plan on smoking in your car or taking a few on a road trip, then you’ll want a travel humidor. These are portable humidors that hold anywhere from 3 to 10 cigars usually. 

Small Humidors

If you’re just starting your collection or want to keep your super-premium cigars separate from your others, then you probably want a small humidor that stores up to 25-50 cigars. These are usually small box humidors with a couple of cedar dividers.

Medium Sized Humidors

These carry several hundred cigars and often look like furniture or a display case. They have multiple drawers for various types of cigars. They take up a lot of room, but if you want to showcase your cigar collection there’s nothing better.

Large Humidors

There are massive humidors that hold a few thousand cigars. They can be a lavish display case or a chest of drawers. They may also be as simple as a massive chest that holds your cigars. They are large and require significant space.

Walk-In Humidors

The pinnacle of humidors is the walk-in, such as we have here at Smoker’s Etc. They are rooms specially outfitted to be a humidor to keep cigars fresh for months. They hold thousands of cigars, and the only limit is the size of the room.

Get Your Accessories at Smoker’s Etc.

We have a large selection of accessories at our Stow, Ohio store and are ready to help you find the ones you like. If you need a cutter, lighter, humidor, or cigars to fill that humidor we have what you need.

If you want more information about our stock or what we have to offer, then please explore our site