Buying Cigars Online: Why Brick and Mortar Stores Still Matter

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Believe it or not, many people think that brick and mortar stores don’t offer much value. They are under the impression that buying cigars online is a significantly better option. While there may be some advantages to online cigar shopping, brick and mortar stores still have plenty to offer.

In this article, we will compare buying cigars online to getting them from brick and mortar stores.

Cigar lovers will agree that there is nothing better than smelling the aroma of premium quality cigars.  The moment you open the door of a cigar shop you can experience the rich, woody, and leathery scent of high-quality tobacco and let it surround you. This is an experience that you can only get at a brick and mortar store.

Buying Cigars Online Vs Brick and Mortar Stores

Since purchasing a cigar itself is an adventure, you shouldn’t miss it out. Many people would argue that online stores have a wider selection of products. However, that’s not always true. If you live in Stow, Ohio, you can visit a physical store and actually see their cigars in person before deciding. 

Buying cigars online can be a bit more complicated. Cigars are not always perfect right out of the box. Some might have a crack, or a dent, or some other blemish that you won’t be able to check on when buying online. In the store, you can see every cigar and make sure that whichever smoke you choose, is the right one for you.

The experience of visiting a cigar shop is irreplaceable. Some aficionados even consider it a magical and religious experience. The moment you step into a retail store, the sight and aroma of the premium cigars is mesmerizing. 

Think of it like visiting the bakery and checking the bread yourself before purchasing. There are excellent advantages to physically visiting brick and mortar cigar shops. Even if you want to get a gift for your loved one, the experience of visiting a cigar shop would be memorable. Here are some benefits of purchasing cigars from a retail store in Stow, Ohio.


Online stores often sell cigars at high prices and there are many reasons for that. Since these stores ship cigars to your home, you have to pay delivery charges. For some people eCommerce stores are convenient, but things are different when it comes to purchasing cigars from brick and mortar stores.

Variety of Choice

Brick and mortar stores have a wide range of options. Also, many stores have warehouses attached to their physical stores. That way, they can satisfy their customers with different brands and flavors. The more brands a cigar shop contains, the more customers it can engage. 

On the other hand, some online stores have limited stock. Sometimes they have a few quantities for each product, to try and leave room for other products. So, if you want some real variety to choose from, you should consider visiting a brick-and-mortar store.

Customer Service

From the time you enter the cigar store till you purchase a cigar, an expert will be available to assist you in person, something that isn’t possible in the online buying experience. These experts will educate you about their product line and help you decide which cigar is right for you.

A retail store is a perfect place for novice smokers and for those looking to buy cigars as a gift. A cigar specialist will explain everything you need to know to buy a cigar. You may even walk out of the shop somewhat of an expert yourself.


Cigar shop owners ensure that their clients have the best time in their shop. They create an organized, clean, and welcoming environment in the store. When you walk into your local brick and mortar store, it should feel just like going into a friend’s house. Shops strive to provide a personal touch that cannot be found online.

No Waiting

Another benefit of purchasing from brick and mortar stores is that you can take the cigar home the same day you buy it. The best part of that is the fact that you can take your cigars out of the shop’s humidor and have them in your own humidor in no time at all. When buying online, not only are you waiting longer to get your cigars, but they are stuck in a box, without ideal humidity, and completely exposed to different temperature changes. So by the time you get them home, you will probably have to let the cigars rest in your humidor for a few days more before you can smoke them.

There are other hassles of purchasing online, such as lost or damaged packages. Sure, a reliable online store will offer you a replacement product if that happens but the process can be lengthy. A research conducted by Retail Dive found that 49% of customers choose brick and mortar stores because they can take the product home with them. They can complete the transaction with one swipe of a credit card and enjoy their cigar right away. 

Brick and Mortars are More Than Cigar Stores

In brick and mortar stores,  you can discuss your preferences with well-trained tobacconists to make well-informed decisions. Plus There are numerous benefits of supporting local cigar shops in Stow, Ohio.

You can interact with other cigar enthusiasts and employees to learn new things about different cigars such as aroma, taste, quality and much more. Or, just sit and chat and have a good time socializing with your local community.

Furthermore, supporting your local store helps grow their business. Many cigar stores also sell alcohol or coffee and you can purchase these products to show your support and loyalty, and take a load off with a nice drink at the end of the day.

Local cigar shops often provide personalized experiences, ensuring your visit is worth it. The employees at these brick and mortar stores will help you decide the best blend depending on your taste. This does not mean in any way that buying cigars online is not a wise choice. However, going to a brick and mortar cigar shop offers a unique experience that simply cannot be replicated by online shopping.

Smokers ETC Has You Covered

Are you looking for a retail cigar shop in Stow, Ohio? If yes, then you are at the right place. Smokers ETC is one of the best retail stores for cigars in Ohio. We have a vast range of cigar options along with a smoking lounge and several accessories. Visit our store or call us at 330-945-4532 to talk with our experts.











8 Best Cigars for After Thanksgiving

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It’s Thanksgiving, and you’ve stuffed yourself with turkey, pie, cranberry sauce… the works. It’s time to bring out the cigars and put up those feet as you regale each other with stories and anecdotes; what’s better than a satisfying puff full of flavor and richness to end a rich and decadent Thanksgiving feast. 

So, here is our pick of the 8 best cigars for after Thanksgiving so that you can end the festivities puffing in style. 

8 Best Cigars for After Thanksgiving

Choose from our list of premium, all-time favorite cigars for a good old-fashioned smoke after Thanksgiving. There’s no better way to end a feast than sharing the finest blends with family and friends.

#1 Ashton

Loved by cigar aficionados, Ashton is among the top-rated brands. Handcrafted at the Arturo Fuente factory, it is a mild, creamy cigar with delicious notes of coffee beans, cashews, almonds, and cedar. It has a lovely silky finish that pairs well with white wine or craft beer, making it one of the best Thanksgiving cigars out there

Its smooth, golden-brown Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf features a premium aged binder and filler tobaccos sourced from the Dominican Republic. The cigar comes in a variety of shapes such as Magnum (Robusto), Double Magnum (Toro), Prime Minister (Churchill), and Corona, among others, to suit different tastes and preferences.

Country: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade

Strength: Mild

#2 Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Another celebrated classic from the Dominican Republic, Arturo Fuente Hemingway is perfect, post a hearty Thanksgiving meal. Rich notes of woody spices, walnuts, brown sugar, and molasses help you unwind with your kith and kin after a fiesta fit for a king or queen

The medium-bodied stogie blended by master cigar-maker Carlito Fuente comes in an award-winning portfolio of gorgeous Figurado shapes like Signature and Short Story. Its rich, well-fermented Cameroon wrapper leaf combines the finest vintage Dominican binder and filler tobaccos.

It comes in both short and long shapes, making it easy to pick one depending on whether you want to have just a few puffs after dinner or enjoy a cigar at your own pace. 

Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Cameroon
Strength: Medium

#3 Montecristo

One of the world’s most well-loved Cuban heritage brands, Montecristo is the benchmark for handcrafted premium cigars. Blended in the Dominican Republic and now also in their more modern, state-of-the-art factories in Honduras and Nicaragua, the cigars blend the choicest Dominican binder and filler tobaccos in a honey-colored Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf.

Its mild, balanced flavor profile floods your palate with notes of blonde roast coffee, hazelnuts, sweet grasses, and a hint of pepper. If you’re looking to relax with a mild cigar post-dinner, Montecristo is just what you need.

Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
Strength: Mild

#4 Romeo Y Julieta 1875

Originally a Cuban cigar, now also produced in the Dominican Republic, Romeo Y Julieta 1875 has a strong, toasty aroma with notes of oak, leather, coffee beans, pistachios, almonds, black pepper, and cayenne. It is a great cigar to pair with a glass of pinot noir, chardonnay, or a cup of strong coffee. 

Romeo Y Julieta 1875 has a slightly oily, caramel-hued Indonesian wrapper leaf that envelopes the Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. It comes in various sizes, letting you choose from Belicoso to Churchill and Short Churchill to Corona, Robusto Larga, and Magnum, among others.

Country: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Indonesian

Strength: Mild-Medium

#5 Oliva Serie V

Oliva Serie V is a full-bodied, spicy cigar handcrafted from premium Nicaraguan long-fillers and the finest Ecuador Habano wrappers. It has a lovely, creamy, chocolatey aroma balanced with notes of molasses, earth, and leather. These heady flavors and excellent construction have made the Serie V a best-seller and a great choice among the top cigars after meals.

Pair it with a good scotch or other hard drink of your choice and enjoy it at a leisurely pace to savor its intense flavors.

Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano
Strength: Full

#6 Perdomo Habano Maduro

A full-bodied, bold cigar, Perdomo Habano Maduro is blended at the Tabacalera Perdomo facility in Estelí, Nicaragua. The cigar is handcrafted from pure Nicaraguan tobacco. It is rolled with a well-fermented chocolate-colored Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper leaf. The leaves are stored in empty bourbon barrels to give the cigar a richer flavor profile.

Notes of cocoa powder, black pepper, oak, and cedar first hit the palate when you light it up, followed by notes of bell peppers, beans, and dried bitter cherries. The complexity of flavors makes it one of the top Thanksgiving cigars to enjoy post-dinner.

Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro
Strength: Medium to Full-Bodied

#7 Rocky Patel Vintage 2006 San Andreas

Handmade in Rocky Patel’s Nicaraguan factory, the Rocky Patel Vintage 2006 San Andreas boasts an 11-year-old Mexican wrapper leaf from San Andrés with Nicaraguan fillers and a Connecticut Broadleaf binder. It has an exquisite bouquet of flavor profiles with notes of earth, wood, leather, caramel, chocolate, coffee, pie, and spice. 

The Vintage 2006 San Andreas cigar comes in four different sizes: Robusto, Churchill, Toro, and Sixty.

Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés
Strength: Medium to Full-Bodied

#8 Partagas Black Label

The full-bodied Partagas Black Label from the Dominican Republic features a proprietary, oily Connecticut Medio Tiempo wrapper and a strong blend of Nicaraguan and Cuban-seed Ligero fillers. Its rich body, immaculate construction, and robust flavor profile make it one of the top cigars after meals

Partagas Black Label has a herbal, earthy, and nutty taste that pairs well with bourbons, rye, Irish whiskey, and single-malts. Light one on Thanksgiving for an indulgent, relaxing experience. 

Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut Medio Tiempo
Strength: Full

Unwind with a Premium Cigar

Whether you choose an Ashton or a Montecristo, or any other cigar from our list, we can assure you that you’ve selected from among the best cigars for after Thanksgiving. Cigars are meant for indulgences, and Thanksgiving is the time to indulge the senses. So, savor the flavors as you relax and reminisce after a sumptuous Thanksgiving repast. 

Smokers ETC offers a fine selection of premium smokes at our store and lounge in Stow, Ohio. Our experts also help first-time smokers discover cigars that suit their individual tastes and needs. Call us on 330-945-4531 so that we can guide you in your cigar journey. 

Why Cigar Tobacco Matters?

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Many people wonder if cigar tobacco is the most important component in a cigar, and the answer is yes. Premium cigars contain mostly tobacco. However, the tobacco used in various cigars comes in different types. Every component of a cigar including the filler, binder, and wrapper contains different flavors of tobacco leaves. Cigar manufacturers blend the tobacco leaves in different quantities to create unique recipes.

The system of manufacturing cigars and wine is similar and both follow long and detailed procedures. The harmonic blend between multiple types of tobacco creates distinct features and gives a unique experience. That’s why enthusiasts consider personal preference and taste while choosing the best option. Let’s understand why cigar tobacco matters and what tobacco types are popular among cigar smokers.

Components of a Cigar

Cigar smoking in Stow, Ohio is a divine experience and people enjoy exciting blends of flavors with each puff. To enhance the experience, manufacturers include different types of tobacco for each component. Let’s take a look at these cigar elements and how different types of cigar tobacco can change the smoking experience.

Cigar Wrapper

The wrapper is a single tobacco leaf that holds the cigar together. This is made from high quality perfect looking tobacco leaves. This part gives the cigar its texture and oily look. Before purchasing a cigar, people often smell the wrapper to check the quality. Furthermore, this is the part that a smoker puts in their mouth while smoking. So, a cigar wrapper should taste good. Also, the tobacco in this section offers a slight background taste, which significantly enhances the cigar smoking experience.

Cigar Binder

This component of the cigar consists of strong tobacco and creates a parchment-like texture. Since the wrapper is delicate and weak, manufacturers use a binder to tightly hold the tobacco. Also, this tobacco leaf contains multiple flavors that blend beautifully with the tobacco.

Cigar’s Filler

The filler is the center part and contains the majority of the cigar’s tobacco. The major blend of flavors are present in this area. There are three types of cigar’s filler:

  • Short filler – finely chopped filler often used in machine rolled cigars
  • Long filler – full tobacco leaf used in hand rolled premium cigars
  • Mixed filler – a mix of both short and long fillers

Manufacturers balance this section as they see fit and use different tobacco types to create unique recipes.

Finest Cigar Tobacco in Stow, Ohio

Cigar smoking in Stow, Ohio isn’t an ordinary experience, as you can choose from a wide range of premium cigars. People keep the finest quality cigars and smoke them during vacations, parties, and celebrations. Whether you occasionally or regularly smoke cigars, you can enhance your experience by choosing cigars with optimal quality tobacco.

The type and quality of tobacco influences the burns and tastes. Here are some common premium cigars in Stow, Ohio:

Broadleaf Tobacco

Cigar lovers with bold taste preferences choose cigars with broadleaf tobacco. Manufacturers mostly use this tobacco as filler, but some top brands started using it as a wrapper. As a result, it creates dark-tasting cigars. The taste of this tobacco is rich and earthy. Furthermore, the taste is similar to maple or chocolate with a blend of sweetness. People who enjoy Maduro cigars love broadleaf tobacco.

Ligero Tobacco

These leaves come from the top of the tobacco plant and have a powerful flavor. These are hefty and thick leaves used in cigars to create full-bodied flavors. Manufacturers use over-ripped Ligero leaves for maximum potency. Since these leaves have a powerful flavor, only a few brands use them for their cigars. 

If you want to smoke these tobacco leaves,  ask the cigar shop in Stow, Ohio for cigars with intense tastes. Keep in mind that these leaves still have flavorful mixes because of the dark taste. If you’ve never had full bodied cigars, then try one today.

Volado Tobacco

These leaves do not have too much flavor but manufacturers still use them for their superior burning properties. The burning property of Volado tobacco is good because of its light and thin texture. Manufacturers use this tobacco to give cigars a perfect blend.

The leaves have a uniform and equal burn that increases the time it takes to reach the end of the cigar. Many people recognize these leaves as Mañanita. 

Seco Tobacco

Manufacturers extract these leaves from the tobacco plant’s center. People refer to this section of the plant as seco and it is a wide area below viso. Seco tobacco is milder than Volado and has a coarser texture. Because of the taste and texture, brands use these leaves in the binder.

Habano Tobacco

Cigar brands use Habano leaves as a wrapper because of the spicy taste. It has a dark flavor and potent aroma. Many cigar enthusiasts recognize this tobacco by smelling the wrapper. The country of origin of Habano is Cuba, but today it is available in many places. 

Sumatra Tobacco

Sumatra, Indonesian tobacco has different variations according to the location. Besides Indonesia, you can find this tobacco plant in places like Nicaragua and Ecuador. This dark tobacco has a strong kick, but the strength decreases when mixed with other leaf types. The taste of this tobacco depends on where it grew. You can understand the diverse range of flavors this tobacco offers by smoking different Sumatra cigars.

Overview – Why Cigar Tobacco Matters?

Now that you have some basic information about cigar tobacco, you can understand how they differ. You can also determine the taste of each tobacco type by visiting a good cigar shop in Stow, Ohio. At Smokers ETC, we offer a wide variety of premium cigars with different tobaccos. 

Whether you are tasting cigars for the first time or want to enhance your experience by choosing the finest tobacco, give us a call. We’ll help you choose cigars according to your personal preference. You can visit our outlet in Stow, Ohio, or give us a call at 330-945-4532.

What to Look for in a Good Cigar?

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Premium cigars widely differ in many features such as texture, age, and brand. Taste is another component to consider when purchasing premium cigars in Stow, Ohio. Manufacturers blend different flavors such as sweet or spicy. They add hints of leather, wood, cedar, ground coffee, herbs, or even chocolate in the background.

All the main features, especially taste, depend on the filler and the wrapper. The wrapper also gives a texture and appearance to cigars and determines the quality and price. Cigar enthusiasts focus on three major components when choosing a cigar. Let’s go ahead and see what to look for in a premium quality cigar.

Main Components of Premium Cigars

The Filler

The filler is the center-filled tobacco of a cigar and contains most of the flavor. Cigar shops in Stow, Ohio have a wide range of premium quality cigars with different tobacco leaves in the filler. Manufacturers create an incredible blend of flavors using various kinds of tobacco leaves. Besides taste, enthusiasts can also determine cigar quality by checking the filler.

Short Filler

As the name suggests, these fillers contain small pieces or shreds of tobacco. Cigars with short filler are hard to roll by hand. Therefore, cigar manufacturing companies use machines for perfect rolls. You can find hand-rolled cigars with short fillers from cigar shops in Stow, Ohio. However, these cigars create a harsh and burnt taste because of air pockets left in the cigar. These spaces burn hotter and faster due to trimmed and small tobacco pieces.

Long Filler

Premium cigars in Stow, Ohio have long-fillers and consist of whole tobacco leaves. Since, cigar-smoking is a tradition in many places, people don’t compromise while choosing the fillers. They choose cigars with long-fillers because it burns longer, creating a spectrum of flavors. This allows them to enjoy every part of the cigar.

Mixed Filler

Mixed fillers or Cuban sandwiches are popular premium cigars in Stow, Ohio. These cigars have mixed filler with shredded and whole leaf tobacco. Since these fillers burn slowly, people enjoy every taste in detail. However, these cigars are less expensive than long-filler because they contain fewer whole leaves.

The Binder

The second important component of a cigar’s quality is the binder. This is a tobacco leaf that keeps the filler together. This cigar’s section is made from repurposed wrapper leaves. It plays a significant role in cigar structure. Besides structure, many brands use this leaf to enhance its strength and flavor. Many cigar shops in Stow, Ohio sell cigars with high quality binder.

The Wrapper

The wrapper is the outermost layer and has a texture that smokers find very attractive. Premium cigars in Stow, Ohio have great-tasting wrappers. Since this is the section a smoker holds in their mouth, it should have some flavor. Premium cigar brands use extra costs and care to maintain the quality of this portion. What’s more, premium cigars have a smooth and oily texture with minimal veins. 

Cap and Foot

To smoke a cigar, a smoker should properly cut off the cap and toast the foot to get the flame going. The foot contains a line indicator to help enthusiasts identify the right position to cut off. A perfect cut keeps tobacco in position. For an even burn, a smoker should burn the entire foot.


Cigar enthusiasts understand the importance of choosing premium quality cigars. Therefore, they closely evaluate the tobacco and cigar construction methods to select the finest option. Gently rolling the cigars between two fingers helps identify the soft spots or lumps. A high-quality cigar should have even filling without any oddities in texture.

Now check the wrapping and make sure that it is smooth, tight, and free of damages. The wrapper may have a small color variation, but if the color is extreme in various spots, this indicates that the quality of leaves is poor. It is also worth noting that premium cigars have an even and smooth draw when smoking.


Manufacturers use tobacco from different countries to ensure the quality of their products is high. Location plays a significant role in the flavor because of varying climate and soil types. Many enthusiasts choose cigars depending on the origin of tobacco.

It’s not just where the tobacco is grown either, but also if it’s raised in sun or shade, how it’s aged and if it’s infused. These are all aspects that impact the flavor. 

Personal Preference

Cigar smoking is a personal experience and every enthusiast chooses brands according to their taste. For first-timers, choosing the perfect cigar is a challenge. They have to try different cigars and experiment until they find the best one. Nobody knows what type of cigars suits them the most until they try it themselves. With so many options available, you can choose between earthy, spicy, tangy orange or chocolaty.

Have a One-of-a-Kind Cigar Experience

The filler isn’t the only component that creates blends of flavors. Other layers also help create the notes. Manufacturers choose different leaves for different layers to create different flavors or recipes. 

Since you know how each component of a cigar determines the quality and taste, you can make a well informed decision. For the best experience, keep a cigar tasting register to write the notes of flavors you experience as you enjoy your premium cigars. This technique helps you identify the best cigars according to your taste and budget.

If you find it hard to choose the finest quality cigar, consult with our professional and friendly staff. Smokers ETC offers wide-ranging premium cigars in Stow, Ohio. We also help new smokers identify their personal preferences and choose a good cigar. So contact us now at 330-945-4531 and make an informed decision with the help of our experts.

How To Choose A Cigar At Stow, Ohio’s Smokers Etc.

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When you walk into Smoker’s Etc. in Stow, Ohio it can be a little intimidating for first timers. There is a wide selection of cigars from our walk-in humidor and people are smoking and enjoying the big screen televisions and comfortable chairs.

We understand that cigars for the uninitiated are hard to discern one from another. You see the length and wrapper color differences, but what does that mean to someone new to the cigar world? We’ll show you the best route for getting the type of cigar you want from your cigar lounge experience. 

Talk To the Experts

The employees at Smoker’s etc. are experts on all types of cigars. We don’t order them unless we know they’re high quality. We try our best to know when someone new comes in, they usually have a look of both fear and confusion.

If it’s a busy day, we may miss you, so don’t be afraid to talk to us directly. We’ll be happy to take you into our luxurious walk-in humidor and show you our wares. We’ll ask you a few questions and direct you to the cigars we think are a good fit for you. 

You choose the one you think you’ll like best. Choosing a cigar is a personal experience and depends strongly on your tastes. Our experts know enough about cigars and people to get a read on what you want.

How Much Time Do You Have?

A cigar needs to be smoked slowly to fully appreciate the flavor, body, and finish. Cigars come in a variety of sizes from the short Robusto to the massive Churchill or Double Corona. A smaller cigar takes about 30-45 minutes to fully smoke. A larger cigar takes a few hours.

Don’t choose a large cigar if you don’t have time to smoke it. You’ll end up either smoking it too fast, leading to a headache and nausea or you’ll leave it burning on the ashtray until it burns out. Many times, people new to cigar smoking choose a larger cigar, but can’t finish it. 

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If you don’t want to smoke anymore, then place the cigar on the ashtray. 

Select the Right Body

A cigar lounge has many different customers and they all like something different. Cigars come in three different bodies: mild, medium, and full. Beginners often start with mild cigars because they aren’t as hard on the pallet.

Mild cigars often have sweet or creamy notes that make the draw smooth. Medium- and full-bodied cigars tend to have higher tobacco content and more earthy flavors. It’s a good idea to start with a mild cigar and then build-up to the others. 

If you start with a full-bodied cigar, then it might be overwhelming and make for a bad smoke. The goal is to keep you coming back for a great experience, so it’s important to enjoy your smoke.

Think Outside the Box

There are many types of premium cigars including flavored and infused varieties. Acid Cigars are infused using an extensive process that adds flavor but doesn’t overwhelm the tobacco. If you want something a little different than the standard cigar, consider a flavored or infused cigar. 

Flavored cigars often overpower the taste of the tobacco, which is why they’re commonly used in less expensive cigars that use inferior tobacco filler. There are still good, flavored cigars, but ask one of our employees before choosing one.

Infused cigars tend to be of higher quality and a nice departure for people seeking something different than the traditional cigar flavors. The flavor of the cigar changes depending on the tobacco blend and where they were grown. 

What’s Your Budget?

There are cigars of all price ranges. It’s not just between machine-rolled and hand-rolled either, but price differences between premium cigar brands. If you’re new to the cigar world, you probably don’t want to start out with the best of the best.

Super-premium cigars tend to be potent and with a flavor best appreciated by someone with experience. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a premium cigar. Instead, choose a premium with a nice mild flavor. You can even ask us about any sales or deals we have going on.

No sense paying full price if you can get a deal. Smoker’s Etc. always has something going on for you. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a great cigar. We have cigars of all types at the best prices in the area. 

Picking the Cigar

You’ve narrowed down your choices and now it’s time to pick your cigar. The first thing you should look at is the wrapper. The wrapper holds a lot of the flavor of the cigar and is chosen for its perfection. There are many different colors with some being more potent than others. 

The wrapper should be pristine with no gaps, tears, or cracks. The wrapper should be all one color with no spots or areas that are darker than others. 

Hold the cigar in your hand and give it a gentle squeeze. A premium cigar should be tightly packed with tobacco, but still have a little give. If it feels dry, then it probably is. The good news is you won’t find a dry cigar at Smoker’s Etc. in Stow, Ohio.

When you squeeze the cigar, it should be uniform throughout. There are no bulges, hard spots, or divots. 

Enjoy Your Cigar

If you followed our tips, then you’re sitting with a cigar in your mouth, enjoying your cigar shop experience. You may not be an expert yet, but you’re well on your way. It’s only a matter of time before you’re lounging in one of our easy chairs and watching the game with your cigar-smoking friends.

Smoker’s Etc. takes pride in providing the best cigar lounge experiences for new and seasoned cigar smokers. If you have any questions about choosing a cigar or about our selection, then please feel free to contact us today

Cigar Accessories Every Aficionado Needs

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Cigar smokers are a rare breed. Every person is as different as the premium cigars they smoke, but every cigar smoker from first-timer to the most experienced needs to have the right tools for the job. 

You can’t just pick up and smoke a cigar. There’s an entire experience involving cutting and lighting that separates it from other types of smoking. There are many accessories out there, so Smokers Etc. thought we would provide you with a primer, so you can choose the best for your needs.

When you find the one you like, come on over and we’ll have it in stock for you. 

Cutting a Cigar

A cigar is made up of several parts. The part you light and smoke is called the tuck and the end you cut is called the cap. The tuck is usually open and ready for smoking, but the cap needs to be cut.

A cigar can have more than one cap but cutting a cap too short leads to a hard draw and over cutting leads to the wrapper unraveling and filler spilling into your mouth. That ruins a perfectly good smoking experience.

Think of it this way, you can always cut a little more of a short cap, but once you go over, there is no saving it.

Types of Cutters

The cutter is an instrument used to cut the end of the cap. This lets you take a draw from the cigar. There are three basic types of cutters: straight, V-cut, and punch.

Straight Cutter

You can have a single or double-bladed straight cutter. As the name implies, you place the cap into the hole and make a single, strong slice to cut off the end. It cuts in a straight line, but if you want an angled cut, then hold the cutter at the angle you want.


The V-cut cuts the cigar cap at an angle, which changes up the airflow. Many people enjoy the v-cut, but it’s not as common as the straight cutter. 

Punch Cutter

If you don’t want to cut the end off the cigar, you can use a punch cutter. This punches a hole in the cap to allow airflow. You just need to take out the plug and smoke. If you don’t punch deep enough, it leads to a hard draw. 

Lighting a Cigar

Lighting a cigar takes a little getting used to. A cigar isn’t like a cigarette that just needs to be lit. If you touch the flame to the end of the cigar, it burns and gives off a bad odor and makes it burn unevenly. 

Instead, take the cigar and hold it near the flame, and slowly rotate it. The goal is to have the entire tuck of the cigar lit evenly. How easy this is often depends on the type of lighter you use.

Cigar Lighters

There are several types of lighters you can use to light your cigar, but the most preferred is the torch lighter. We’ll look at the most common lighting methods and their pros and cons.


You’ll find a few purists who enjoy lighting their cigars with matches. The biggest drawback is the chemicals in the matchhead may alter the flavor of the cigar. If you do use a match, use a wooden one and let the matchhead burn-off. A match flame also is not very hot, so it takes longer to light the end of your cigar.

Standard Lighter

These are the lighters you see at most gas stations and create a flame like a match. They burn a little hotter, but it still takes a while to properly light the cigar. If you use a cheap lighter, the top heats up and burns your fingers. 

Torch Lighter

Most cigar enthusiasts prefer a torch lighter because it has a hot flame that burns evenly. It lights the cigar faster and reduces the chance of an uneven burn. 

No matter what type of lighter you use, we have what you need at Smoker’s Etc. 


If you want to store cigars at your home, then you need to have a humidor. Cigars are made in tropical locales and if they aren’t stored properly, they dry out. Humidors maintain a constant temperature and humidity. While most humidors work the same, there are different types based on the number of cigars you want to store.

Travel Humidors

If you plan on smoking in your car or taking a few on a road trip, then you’ll want a travel humidor. These are portable humidors that hold anywhere from 3 to 10 cigars usually. 

Small Humidors

If you’re just starting your collection or want to keep your super-premium cigars separate from your others, then you probably want a small humidor that stores up to 25-50 cigars. These are usually small box humidors with a couple of cedar dividers.

Medium Sized Humidors

These carry several hundred cigars and often look like furniture or a display case. They have multiple drawers for various types of cigars. They take up a lot of room, but if you want to showcase your cigar collection there’s nothing better.

Large Humidors

There are massive humidors that hold a few thousand cigars. They can be a lavish display case or a chest of drawers. They may also be as simple as a massive chest that holds your cigars. They are large and require significant space.

Walk-In Humidors

The pinnacle of humidors is the walk-in, such as we have here at Smoker’s Etc. They are rooms specially outfitted to be a humidor to keep cigars fresh for months. They hold thousands of cigars, and the only limit is the size of the room.

Get Your Accessories at Smoker’s Etc.

We have a large selection of accessories at our Stow, Ohio store and are ready to help you find the ones you like. If you need a cutter, lighter, humidor, or cigars to fill that humidor we have what you need.

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Oliva Cigars Event August 15th, 2018

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The Oliva Cigar Event on August 15th, 2018 was a huge success! Thank you to all our guests and members that came out to make this event the success it was.

We enjoyed wings and smoked salmon in the company of Good Friends and Good Times while enjoying the great 20% OFF box deals on the premium line of cigars offered by Oliva.

  • Oliva

  • Melanio

  • Nub

  • Cain

Oliva also brought out a great line up of swag including Oliva polo shirts and Oliva lighters from Lotus.

View photos from the event below.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our next event!